Cab or Drive?

How many times have you left your car at home and jumped in a cab because you knew (or feared) that parking at your destination would be impossible – or at least as expensive as the taxi fare? Jump in the back of a Yellow Cab and you might see this very question staring back at you from the little info/payment terminal in the back of the car:

That’s right, we’re rolling out our first formal ad campaign across San Francisco and are very excited to see it further accelerate our steadily growing user base. Which is good news for everyone, since more users = more parking spots you can reserve. Faced with the question “Cab or Drive?” KurbKarma allows you to increasingly consider the latter.

If you spot one of our ads, we would love to hear from you on Twitter or Facebook. Oh, and the first 10 KurbKarma users posting pics of the ads in action WIN 10 KarmaKredits each which can be used to reserve parking.

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