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Neha Sampat


KurbKarma, a Social Network for Parking Now Available
Mobile App Will Allow Users to Establish Peer-to-Peer Connections to Find and Reserve Parking in New York City and San Francisco


New York, NY – May 22, 2012 – TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield finalist KurbKarma this week announced general availability in the Apple App Store. The KurbKarma app establishes a peer-to-peer connection between people leaving desirable parking spots with people who need them, and rewards both sides for the exchange.

“Today, we are disrupting parking once and for all,” says Matthew Baier, Co-Founder, KurbKarma. “Almost half of the traffic in cities like Brooklyn is a result of people circling for parking. With KurbKarma you can find awesome parking – where and when you need it – bringing better parking karma to the neighborhoods that require it most.”

The app helps you find and reserve the right parking spot, guides you to it with built-in navigation, and rewards the other party for giving up their spot to you. The award comes in the form of KarmaKredits. Each KarmaKredit is valued at $1.

“We built the app with a sense of community and compassion,” says Neha Sampat, Co-Founder, KurbKarma. “With KurbKarma, when you luck out and find a killer parking spot, you get a chance to ‘pay it forward’ and are rewarded with a KarmaKredit for your good deed. You can then use this KarmaKredit towards reserving a spot at any time.”

The app allows you to coordinate the exchange with another user, without revealing personal details such as your phone number. At the end of the exchange, users rate each other on the experience, encouraging courteous behavior while using the app.

KurbKarma is free for download today in the Apple App Store. Every new user will be awarded 10 free KarmaKredits just for signing up. Additional KarmaKredits can be earned by making your parking spot available to the KurbKarma community, or through purchase in the App Store for $1. To find a parking spot using the app, a user contributes two KarmaKredits for the reservation.

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Social network for #parking @kurbkarma launches in NYC & SF! Get 10 free KarmaKredits today www.kurbkarma.com/download

KurbKarma is completely free for anyone to download and all new users will get 10 free KarmaKredits (a $10 value) just for signing up. Learn more at www.kurbkarma.com or download in the app store today.

About KurbKarma
KurbKarma is a mobile app that connects people who are looking for parking with people leaving desirable parking spots and establishes a peer-to-peer agreement for a parking spot exchange. KurbKarma was selected as a Startup Battlefield finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC in May 2012. Launched for San Francisco and NYC users, the team plans to expand to other cities moving forward. Learn more at http://www.kurbkarma.com.


For The Press
This media kit includes creative assets, including our logo, founder photos, a photo of our pre-launch parking “citation” and links to a teaser and demo video: http://gbng.mp/kurbkarmamediakit

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