How does pitching a parking app to investors result in this?

Allow me to explain… Last Thursday we had the privilege of pitching KurbKarma to a room full of angel investors at Stanford. Now, we should clarify we weren’t actually looking for funding. Rather, we were invited to present by two friends enrolled in an angel investors course, led by the fabulous Carol Sands.

Each student had to find a real startup and teach them about the ins and outs of seeking investment. We were selected and coached by our friends, culminating in us having to prepare a 12-minute presentation, pitching to the entire class as if we were seeking funding from them.

Having not previously considered this option in any detail, we learnt a lot throughout the process. And the pitch itself was fun, with audience members highly engaged and asking some good and thoughtful questions. All in all, a tremendously valuable experience.

Despite the somewhat artificial circumstances, it did feel like a big deal – after all, this was our first time pitching to a group of potential investors! So after the presentation we decided to reward ourselves accordingly with a glass of Champagne at one of our favorite wine bars in the city. Because wine and driving don’t mix, we parked our cars curbside for the evening. You can probably guess what happens next…

Yes. Of course. While we were out celebrating our Parking App pitch, we were being “rewarded” by not one, but TWO Parking Tickets!! Sigh. There really should be an app for that… ;-)


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  1. Kaylee says:

    You have a youtube channel?

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