Parking App Banter in Jay Leno’s Monologue

You’re nobody ’til Jay Leno pokes fun at you in his monologue, right? Check out this clip from his monologue on Wednesday!

This aired two days after our highly publicized launch and on the eve of coverage by USA Today – a coincidence? Perhaps. Regardless, while entertained by the witty remark about parking apps, as good KurbKarma citizens, we feel compelled to address the safety issue on a more serious note.

First off, it should be noted that cell phone usage while driving is of course to be strongly discouraged, not to mention it is illegal in most states! This, however, is only one part of the problem. The real danger stems from distracted driving which causes the majority of accidents. Whether you’re distracted because you’re texting, or distracted trying to change the radio station, reaching for your latte, or trying to scout for a parking spot – it’s all risky and dangerous.

Think about it – when circling for a parking spot, a driver’s attention is diverted as he or she scans for people who might be heading towards their car, rubbernecking, eyes dashing all over the place, checking for street signs, curbside parking restrictions – all the while driving erratically with unpredictable braking and accelerating, rushed u-turns.

The answer, of course, isn’t to stare at an app on your phone while you’re driving. That’s why KurbKarma allows you to find and reserve parking before you ever get into your car and drive to your destination. The app is also designed to allow one-click communication. That way, if you’re running late for your spot, you can pull over and – with the touch of a single button – let the person holding their spot for you know, before continuing on with your journey. That’s it. No starting at the app required. And of course, if you’re lucky enough to have someone in the car with you, you can delegate even that operation and avoid stopping altogether.

KurbKarma aims to give you the peace of mind that there’s a parking spot waiting for you at your destination. Since you know where you’re going to park, you can drive safely and focus on reaching your destination.

But we have to admit Leno’s version is definitely much funnier :)

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